The app

A handy and innovative system you can easily install on your smartphone


Accessible routes

The selection of accessible routes based on the vehicle

Best route

The selection of the best route based on the roads quality

Points of interest

Reccomendation of accessible points of interest nearby

Mapping activity


Automatic analysis of roads accessibility


Reporting of obstacles and architectural barriers


Classification of the route quality

IoT device

The Kimap digital ecosystem goes beyond the app providing the Kimappers with an easy-to-use IoT device able to carry out a continuous mapping activity

Easy to install

The design of the device is suitable for any type of aid: wheelchair, triride, scooter for example

Anyone can use it

The device is handy and easy to use. It can be turned on and off with one single button and needs no assistance

Multi-frequency geolocation

High precision geolocation with GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO in a single device

High precision sensors

The sensors on board allow the analysis of any kind of road with absolute precision


It saves battery on your smartphones and you can forget to charge it for the whole day

Emergency calls

If the device detects the overturning of the wheelchair, automatically call an emergency number


Become part of the Kimappers team and get involved in participatory mapping events! For information on future events and developments, please leave us your email

Who we are

Kinoa is a new-born startup officially registered in the dedicated national register as innovative startup company in March 2016. It was born as a spin-off of reteSviluppo from the entrepreneurial spirit of Marco Scarselli (Co-founder) and Lapo Cecconi (Co-Founder) wih the collaboration of reteSviluppo, Iris Ricerche and Sistemi Territoriali. Kinoa's mission is the creation of innovative products through the integration of Internet of Things technology and Big Data.